Apple Stock Hits All-Time High Then Falls After Revealing $3,499 Price Tag For VR Headset

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  • Nov 19, 2020

what is the highest apple stock has ever been

After a few months of turbulence as a result of the ongoing pandemic, Apple’s stock has clearly recovered. During Friday’s trading on the US Nasdaq stock exchange, the stock traded at a high of $331.75, which is the highest listing to date in the company’s 44-year history. According to data from IDC, Meta holds the top spot for global shipments of VR headsets, controlling 75% of the market. However, Apple’s entrance into the metaverse could open up another multi-billion dollar opportunity for the company as it looks to steal market share away from Meta and other incumbents.

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In fact, Apple stock lost value in 2024 and has drastically underperformed the S&P 500 over the last year. While much of high-growth tech has gotten hammered this year, the big established names have generally held up better than emerging, money-losing companies. With inflation rising at the fastest pace in 40 years and the Federal Reserve hiking interest rates, investors are putting their money in less-risky assets. Apple is having a good Valentine’s Day, as its shares traded above $134.54 today, eclipsing a previous all-time intraday high set in April 2015.

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As that year wound down, regulators fixed their sights on Apple for potentially abusing its power over the iOS app store. A House Judiciary antitrust subcommittee report in October concluded that Apple “exerts monopoly power” in its app store to harm competition and increase prices for consumers. Meanwhile, testimony in an antitrust lawsuit filed by Fortnite developer Epic Games will likely increase pressure on legislators to limit Apple’s power. However, looking at the highest stock prices can be worthwhile both for investors and those interested in the stock market’s history.

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The services segment constantly evolves to keep up with user demand. So, perhaps its overall sales rather than any particular release is most important to share pricing. Apple’s Mac products are another example of wildly successful Apple products. The iMac was released in May 1998, a month in which Apple’s stock price dipped to $26.69. This article breaks down Apple’s product lines and how they have affected the company’s stock performance and position in the global market.

Following Apple’s first annual revenue decline since 2001, its stock been steadily rising over the past four months, buoyed by record-breaking earnings results at the end of January. In late November, Morgan Stanley issued a note to investors highlighting that Apple is planning to launch a new hardware product, in particular an augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) headset. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is estimating that the headset could launch during the fourth quarter of 2022. Apple’s entrance to the metaverse looks even more likely as a new Bloomberg report suggests that the company hired Meta Platforms’ (META 0.43%) augmented reality communications lead. Despite weaker than anticipated iPhone 13 demand, the company is not anchoring itself on one singular product release. Apple is investing in new product development and investors should expect to see these materialize in 2022.

Through that lens, Apple is doing very well based on its market cap, which ranks it among the world’s most valuable companies. However, some are cautionary, having dropped from their highs, pointing to the need for diversification and thorough research when investing. For example, whether a $20 stock increases by $2 (10%) or a $200 stock increases by $20 (10%), the increase in value is the same if you invested the same amount of money in both.

  1. However, the company’s stock price only gained seven cents the same day the phone was released.
  2. Apple (AAPL -0.35%) stock is up nearly 40% year to date, handily topping the S&P 500’s return of 28%.
  3. A way to think about a market cap is that it’s a company’s value in good faith; after all, shares are an intangible asset, not a physical item, so they are worth nothing if no one wants them.

Apple’s (AAPL -0.35%) stock has been on fire this year (and over the past several years). The company has shown a keen ability to refresh legacy products like the iPhone, iPad, and its family of Mac computers in ways that keep consumers loyal to its brand. With this recipe of problems, it is easy for investors to lose sight of the bigger picture.

Apple has tacked on roughly $765 billion in market cap this year, which is more than the total respective total valuations of Berkshire Hathaway, Meta and Tesla. Fueling Apple’s strong financials was a record $20.9 billion in quarterly revenue from its services segment, which includes fxprimus broker review App Store sales and other non-product revenue streams. As of the time of this article, Apple is the largest company in the world by market capitalization, closing in on a valuation of $3 trillion. For the fiscal quarter ended Sept. 25, Apple reported 29% revenue growth year over year.

On the surface, trimming an existing position and taking some gains off the table may seem like a prudent option, if not a tempting one. Although the Federal Reserve provided some clarity on how it plans to combat inflation, concrete timeframes around tapering and rate hikes are still variable. For this reason, investors cannot know for certain when supply chain challenges will subside, allowing Apple and its suppliers the ability to operate under more normal circumstances. Apple stock split two-for-one split on June 16, 1987, June 21, 2000, and Feb. 28, 2005. The company executed a seven-to-one split on June 9, 2014, and a four-to-one split on Aug. 28, 2020.

The jump went a long way in assuaging investors who are concerned that the company will find it hard to grow revenue at a meaningful rate given the altitudes it has already reached. Despite these uncertainties, Apple has several catalysts in its pipeline which should provide investors some confidence. The biggest questions revolve around when this growth could occur and to what magnitude.

However, it recovered most of those losses within a few months. In late March, the stock suffered its largest single-session drop in over seven months, followed by its largest single-session gain in over 11 months just a few weeks later. Apple’s brand and market positioning need no introduction, but its growth is in question, especially as consumers remain strained. On April 11, Apple (AAPL -0.35%) stock popped 4.3% in a single session, the largest jump in nearly a year. However, the stock gave back some of those gains in the following sessions due to a broader market pullback and reports of lower iPhone shipments.

The iPhone is by far its most profitable product line, raking in $71.6 billion in sales in the third quarter of 2021. That represented more than half of overall revenue of $123.49 billion. A sixth Apple stock split could motivate individual investors and traders to put more money into Apple stock.

The reason is to know how much one can gain if the performance repeats in the future. Investment bank Morgan Stanley says there are signs of increased iPhone, Mac, and Services revenue for Apple, but it has cut its target price by $10. TikTok owner ByteDance reportedly will not sell to a US firm if it is unable to convince a court to overturn President Biden’s day-old law forcing a sale or ban. Google generates revenue through advertising, publishing tools, and the Android operating system. The continued adoption of advertising, which accounts for 80% of Google’s revenue (notably its AdSense and AdWords platforms), drives revenue growth.

AI could be a crucial catalyst to an already strong investment thesis. Apple has now ranked in the top five for eight consecutive years. Other notable tech companies in this year’s list include Google parent Alphabet in ninth, Microsoft in 15th, and Facebook in 34th. Apple shares have risen dramatically during the tenure of CEO Tim Cook. Our comprehensive guide highlighting every major new addition in iOS 17, plus how-tos that walk you through using the new features.

The company’s share price has been steadily increasing since 2021, reaching a closing high of $3,239.32 on March 22, 2024. Seaboard Foods, one of the company’s major businesses, is among the largest grain and other agricultural goods producers in the U.S. Its marine division provides shipping services to the Caribbean and Central and South America.

what is the highest apple stock has ever been

It is important to keep in mind that the disorder caused by inflation and supply chain will not last forever. Rather, these are hiccups that investors must learn to navigate during times of economic uncertainty. As concerns around inflation linger, some investors may adjust portfolios away from growth stocks in 2022. During Friday’s trading on the US Nasdaq stock exchange, the stock traded at a peak of $139.85, the highest listing so far in the company’s 45-year history.

However, owning more company shares at a lower price could offer more flexibility when selling a portion of your holdings without having to sell an entire share. But with many brokerages now offering fractional shares, this has become less important. Google has products and services in education, GPS navigation, global business mapping, web conferencing, cloud storage, email communication, and autonomous transportation. A single mutual fund share gives you exposure to multiple stocks at once at a cheaper price.

“Market cap” — short for “market capitalization” — is the total value of a public company’s outstanding shares, which are those owned by stockholders, not by the company itself. Outstanding shares can be owned by employees and board members — just not the actual corporation. It’s important to note some key points about Apple’s stock history. The company’s stock trades on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol AAPL.

The latter is more profitable, with a gross profit margin of 70.5% in its most recent quarter ended Sept. 25. Apple’s services segment boasts a whopping 745 million paying subscriptions, up more than 160 million from the year prior. Even though stock splits add no new capital to a company and create no change in value for current investors, they can sometimes result in positive, short-term upward price action. A star performer through much of its recent history, Apple’s stock hit new all-time highs toward the end of 2021.

Per IDC’s forecast, the market for AR/VR headsets will increase from 9 million units in 2021 to 50 million by 2025. There have been few Apple product releases that immediately resulted in a meteoric rise in the company’s stock price. Day traders are known to target Apple at the release of each of its products, but the quick riches that they seek are all too often a mirage that swiftly disappears.

“I would be surprised if Apple didn’t continue to execute. It’s done really well, it’s held up much better than the vast majority of tech stocks, so I think it will continue to do that.” In a Monday note to clients, Wedbush forecasted Apple will sell about 150,000 headsets for its first year on the market, which would be $525 million in sales. This would be roughly 0.1% of Apple’s nearly $400 billion in revenue last year. Despite the Monday decline, shares of the Silicon Valley behemoth are still up some 44% in 2023, erasing its 27% slide last year and captaining tech’s broader rebound year-to-date. But the fanfare proved to be short-lived, as Apple shares slipped about 3% in later afternoon trading, closing below $180, a 0.8% loss for the day. When adjusted for a 7-for-1 split in June 2014, Apple’s stock is trading at roughly $942, approaching the $1,000 milestone that was considered wishful thinking when some analysts predicted it years ago.

In fact, as of the fourth quarter of 2021, its market share in the personal computer space was 7.7%. Companies split stocks to create new shares in order to boost liquidity. Although the total number of shares in existence changes, splits don’t alter value because the total dollar value of the shares remains the same.

Sales for the segment were $8 billion in just the third quarter of 2022. This category’s direct relationship with the services segment, illustrated by the Apple Fitness correlation with the Apple Watch, is likely to continue to be a major driver for Apple’s growth. Apple also paid App Store developers more than $60 billion, an all-time high that demonstrates the importance of this segment to increasing revenue and stock price. As of the first quarter of 2022, the iPhone held 62% of global market share in smartphones costing over $400. This section helps you to visualize in numbers the real gains one would have achieved if he had bought the share 1 week, 1 month or 1 year before the highest price day. Maybe this info will help you decide the timeframe of your investing in the future.

“Once the Fed started its rate liftoff this was a bright green light to own tech stocks,” said Ives, who recommends buying Apple shares. “Many investors were caught off guard by this rally and now are playing catchup with Cupertino front and center.” Forbes reporters follow company ethical guidelines that ensure the highest quality. The milestone comes just one day after Apple’s stock recorded its highest closing price ever of $133.29 on Monday.

On the first day of trading following its sale, Apple’s stock rose slightly more than 1%. Apple held a market share in the tablet arena of 38% as of Q4 2021. Despite their popularity, Apple’s desktops and laptops hold a small global market share of personal computers.

As of Jan. 31, 2022, Apple had a market capitalization of nearly $3 trillion, closing the trading day at $174.78. The release of an innovative, revenue-driving product or service is one of the few ways a company can influence its stock’s valuation. Apple’s financial performance, including the ascendance of its share price, relies heavily on product sales. However its product releases initially haven’t always pushed share price higher. The company has proven over a long period that it can stay at the forefront of innovation and generate the earnings growth sought after by stock investors. Despite its sensitivity to economic growth slowdowns and interest-rate fluctuations, it is largely viewed as a safe investment within the tech sector.

Technology giant Alphabet (GOOGL), best known for its Google search engine, reached a closing high of $2,960.92 in October 2021. The company’s shares have since split, and the stock closed at $150.93 on March 28, 2024. On April 18, 2019, the company’s stock price closed at a record high of $4,650 per share. Berkshire Hathaway is the holding company of billionaire investor Warren Buffett. Berkshire Hathaway A shares (BRK.A) reached a closing high of $634,440 on March 28, 2024.

Seaboard has milling facilities and sells grain products worldwide. The company is best known by consumers for its significant stake in Butterball Turkey. NVR closed at an all-time high of $8,099.96 on March 28, 2024. The pandemic just a few years before took a toll on the company, cutting its share price by more than half in March 2020.

Investors will have to wait until May 2 to hear from Apple about its exact second-quarter fiscal 2024 figures. However, the IDC report is concerning and illustrates the importance of Apple’s product improvements. Apple must convince investors that next-generation products will sell because they are better, not just because consumers are due for an upgrade. That’s how much a $1,000 investment at Apple’s 1980 initial public offering—when shares traded at a split-adjusted level of $0.10—would be worth now. The coronavirus pandemic fueled consumer demand for its products as hundreds of millions of folks worldwide started working, learning, and entertaining themselves at home.

Apple shares traded as low as $0.04 per share in July of 1982. Apple’s stock reached an all-time, split-adjusted high of $182.94 in January of 2022. Apple created the global tablet market when it announced in January 2010 the upcoming release of the iPad.

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